Friday, April 29, 2011

Go check your soap for Triclosan and throw it away right now!

Scary stuff...Triclosan is very dangerous. Please remove it from your home immediately and encourage others to not use anti-bacterial soap.

Fetal Growth and Development

An alarming new scientific finding links triclosan to potential
negative birth outcomes. In late 2010, scientists at the
University of Florida published their discovery that triclosan
interferes with an enzyme that helps estrogen cross
the placenta to reach the growing fetus.19 Estrogen is vital
for the growth and development of major organs, like the
lungs and liver, in a growing fetus. Miscarriage can occur
when estrogen is unable to cross the placenta.20
Making matters worse, new data published in January
2011 reveal high levels of triclosan in pregnant women.
Using a nationally representative sample of the United
States population from the NHANES 2003-2004 data,
researchers found that while concentrations of chemicals
in pregnant women were similar if not lower than in
non-pregnant women, triclosan was one of few exceptions
found to be more highly concentrated.21

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