Friday, April 22, 2011

Good friday so I'll post good stuff

Yesterday we had another U/S. By my favorite US tech ever. I saw her with my m/c last summer and she was pregnant at the time, but so sweet and nice. I hadn't seen her in awhile, because she was out on maternity. I was happy to have her back. So nice to have good, competent US techs.

Apple and Banana are measuring ahead again. Apple is 3#4oz, Banana 3#1oz. She said they were big for twins especially and that the girls always seem to measure a little smaller. It makes me a little nervous, but it's OK. 3oz is nothing to worry about as long as they are both doing well. We also got to talk about names. Everyone asks about if we've picked names yet. We (or I) have not. To me, they are apple and banana. I like calling them that. The tech said she picked the name Hank to call her baby (but is not his real name) and she liked calling him that. And I don't know why, but it just seems weird to pick names. I can't explain it. I have a feeling it is my subconcious worried about yet another step towards commitment. Darn RPL rearing it's ugly head again. It seems I can never be completely worry free. But this is a good news post...

I also had to go again for another double dose of Ivig. This one went extremely smooth, no headache or tiredness after. And Dr. Kwak and I had a long discussion about Lyme disease and miscarriage. She is very intrigued into it's relationship into pregnancy loss. In essence it is an infection that causes autoimmunity. And immunity is her thing. She is always wanting to learn as much as she can. And she is the most amazing doctor I have ever had-she is interested in you as a patient and a person. I love her!

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