Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Matt!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life-my son Matt. Today you turn seven (wow-7!) and I am so proud to be your mom. You are smart, caring and creative. I hope you have a great day. :)
Love, Mom

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is it a boy or a girl? Who wants to know?

So we actually found out the genders about a month ago. It was a little early though and I didn't want to get my hopes up that she was right. It turns out she was. One boy and one girl! I could not have asked for anything more perfect. We got to see everything up close and personal at the US on wednesday and it is for sure one of each. When I had my one US for my son (hah-one US!), the tech said she was 80% it was a girl. Well, to me 80%=100% and I was having a girl. So I had planned on a girl. Needless to say, when I had my c-section, we found out it was a boy. We didn't even have a boy name picked out! So I was just trying to be cautious this time and not get too excited to be having a boy and a girl. Now, I can't wait!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I don't know if I like my new MFM

So I met the new MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) Specialist on weds and I don't hate him, but I don't love him. I guess that's better than not liking him at all. The problem is-I love my other MFM and my RI, Dr. Kwak loves him too. The other problem is-I don't really like any of the OB's with the MFM that I like. And I don't like the hospital I would deliver at as much. The one I want to deliver at has a level III NICU, whereas the other one is only level II. Decisions, decisions. I guess I'll just keep going to both of them for now and decide later.
But for now things are good. Babies are measuring right on track. Level II US went well, everything was there and measuring good. Only concern was my cervix. The MFM measured it and it was between 2.2-2.7. 2.5 is the least they want it to be. So I'm kinda there. When it was measured the next day and it was 2.9. So better. I'm going to try and not worry about it. I go back for a recheck in two weeks and I have another level II US on wednesday, so I should be pretty well covered. And there's nothing I can do about it except bedrest, which I'm trying to do.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to the world little baby boy!

My good blogger friend Kristi is having her baby today!!! Please keep her and her son in your thoughts and prayers today for a fast, easy labor and delivery. Good luck Kristi-here he comes!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

20 weeks, two US's in a row and meeting a new MFM

So on Saturday I officially hit 20 weeks! Woohoo! 20 weeks is huge. It's halfway there, and it's when my RI starts lowering my meds because the placenta is functioning well and is taking over even more. So I am off my progesterone, lowering my pred from 20 to 15 and doing Ivig every other week. I'm scared. But I have to remember I'm not the only pregnant person my RI has seen and she knows what she's doing. And my natural killer levels will be tested on thursday to make sure they are OK. If not, more Ivig.
But the thing is, I am a worrier. Image that. I see a problem-I want it fixed, now. So I see my NK levels being high before, so what if they are high right now and I need Ivig on thursday, but we don't get the results until monday, then I can't get it until tuesday. That is too long to wait for me. I want it now. I'm so afraid of doing the wrong thing. But it will be OK. If I need the Ivig, I'll get it.
So tomorrow I get to meet a different MFM that is at the hospital I want to deliver at. Which is a good thing. Of course I need a high risk doc at the right hospital. But if I like him/her, I will no longer go to my other MFM who I really, really like, but I don't really like any of the OB's at that office, or the hosiptal and I'm still mad at them for screwing up my US last week. This office called me at asked me to come in early because they didn't realize it was twins. Didn't try to reschedule.
Then thursday I get to go to my RI for another US. They do the special blood flow test to make sure the blood flow is OK to the babies that I've never had anyone else do. It's stupid to have 2 US's in a row, but I've then got the other US next week too, so it wouldn't do any good to reschedule. So instead I get to enjoy two peeks at my babies.
On a side note, has anyone else ever starting losing a bunch of hair while pregnant? About when I came off progesterone, I started losing a bunch of hair. They tested my thyroid and it was great, so not that. Any ideas anyone?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The best thing happened this morning!

So lately I have been having worse insomnia often staying up for 3 hours at night or waking up at 4 am. Well, today at 4am I got to feel someone kicking me in the side!!! I have been feeling them move around for awhile now, but this time I had my hand on my belly side because I was laying on my left side like a good pregnant lady, and I could feel a kick (or a punch or butt I suppose). It was awesome. The first time that I really, truly felt like a normal pregnant woman. Even after all the US's, doppler checks, feeling movement inside, it's real. I am going to be a mom to twins. AH! I'm so excited!
And speaking of US's-so yesterday I was supposed to have a level 2 US (detailed anatomy). I scheduled this a month ago with my MFM. So Tuesday they called me saying it was too early and they only scheduled it for one hour (it's supposed to be two). I was pissed because 1) I had rescheduled an US with my other office because of this one 2) I had scheduled this a month ago when my MFM told me too. He surely knows more than an US tech (no offense to US techs) and 3) I was looking forward to it. But after getting nowhere with the office all day and having them even page my MFM, I have to wait two more weeks! Yes, after they screwed up with the appt, they couldn't even squeeze me in sooner. But it's OK because I have an US next week with my RI.
More Ivig tomorrow-which is apparently working, because it has finally brought my ANA's down, which makes my immunologist very happy. And me happy too. And excited too-can't wait to feel more babies move!