Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 hour glucose passed! And I almost passed out too :)

So I got the call yesterday that I passed my 3 hour glucose test. Yeah! I knew I would, I eat no sugar, except fruit. So of course give me some nasty glucose drink and my body's going to go crazy. Plus, I didn't know that I was going to get the test, so I had just eaten an orange with my iron prenatal before my failed test. Oranges aren't exactly low sugar either. The fun thing was that after I had to fast all morning (not easy for a starving pregnant lady), then drink the nasty drink, I got super dizzy and sweaty and seeing black. I almost passed out once before at an US, so I knew it was going to happen again in the waiting room of the drs office. So I barely made it back, but luckily once I reclined a little and got some cold towels, I was fine. It is such an uncomfortable feeling when you know you're going to pass out. So out of control.

Ultrasound today at my MFM office, hopefully apple and banana are growing well. I am a little concerned because a week ago I lost 5 lbs when I was sick and I really haven't been gaining anymore. But I guess I had to regain the 5 lbs first. And it doesn't help that my diet is so limited. But I feel good. Here are my favorite sites of the diet that I roughly follow that keeps me healthy. I eat more fruits and carbs than is recommended, but I'm pregnant, I get too!

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  1. Woot for passing!! One of my friends fainted during the 3 hour test :)

    Hope the ultrasound goes well and A & B are moving like crazy for you :)