Monday, April 4, 2011

NK numbers high, Ivig in my future

It seems as though if it isn't one thing, it's another. So two weeks ago my TNF number was high. The is the ratio of TH1 to TH2 cells you have. During pregnancy, you want more TH2 so that your body doesn't reject the baby. So I got more Ivig. Then last week my NK number was high. You sometimes want NK high to fight cancer, etc, but in pregnancy it can also attack your baby. So now I get a double dose of Ivig on wednesday. I am very lucky that I don't have any reaction to Ivig (some women report nasuea, headache, fever), but when I get a double dose I get a bad headache. And it means I have to be there forever getting the infusion. But of course I'm happy to do it if it means my babes are safe. I wonder if my NK's could have been up because I was sick last week. My body trying to fight the cold. I am happy that I am all better now!

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  1. Hello.

    Sorry about having to do another round of IVIg. I will be there on Wednesday too-just for blood. I will look for you.