Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby showers aren't supposed to be scary!

So my mom wants to have a small family baby shower for me on memorial day. Of course I had to say yes. She didn't get to throw my first baby shower as her house was too small for it. My aunt and I did. It is supposed to be more of a picnic/baby shower (as I did already have one), but it still freaks me out. Don't get me wrong-I'm pretty kinda confident in this all working out great in the end, but it's like the name thing. I don't want to commit. Every time I feel them move, I am reassured that everything is OK, but until I feel them for the first time in the morning, I'm still nervous. I still even use the doppler sometimes. Granted that is more because I love to hear them moving around in there. It sometimes catches me off guard that I actually and truly have two babies growing and living and breathing inside me. Pregnancy really is a true miracle!

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  1. I completly understand i don't think i will be having a baby shower i'm just going to do an early christening instead.
    Hang in there pregnancy anxiety is never fun.
    take care